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Tiny homes

Tiny homes include 78 square foot and 90 square foot microstudios, Tumbleweed's Jay Shafer, a 16 year old's DIY wee dwelling, Barcelona Lego apartment, French garage home, Manhattan origami apartment, DIY for less than $3500 and more.

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Conteúdo programático:

Aula #1 - Maison garage: old parking as tiny home in Bordeaux, France
Aula #2 - Tiny huts to enjoy the basics in Swedish spartan rural lodge
Aula #3 - Thoreauvian simple living: unelectrified, timeless tiny home
Aula #4 - Stone toolshed as timeless mediterranean tiny home (25m2)
Aula #5 - Zen forest house: 11K, handcrafted, small home in Oregon
Aula #6 - DIY-crafted Seattle micro apartment: 8 spaces stacked in 182 sq ft
Aula #7 - Art of living in a Dordogne tiny mud home with living roof
Aula #8 - Tiny Origami apartment in Manhattan unfolds into 4 rooms
Aula #9 - 325-square-foot "cave" apartment with DIY & upcycled furniture
Aula #10 - Rubik cube flat flips office, storage, dining & bedroom in SF
Aula #11 - Cubic mentality: 4-story Paris flat fits comfort in 25 sq mt
Aula #12 - Virgil unbound: Italian Alps ruin becomes dream budget home
Aula #13 - Furniture meets robotics: superpower to show/hide what's used
Aula #14 - Texan alley turned into barber shop turned into skinny house
Aula #15 - Summer of (family) love: tiny home VW-roadtrip documentary
Aula #16 - Portable home delivered as furniture, tailored as smartphone
Aula #17 - Asturian hórreo: old granary on pillars as tiny summer cabin
Aula #18 - Yuichi's slim treehouse sways as a nest in Japanese cypress
Aula #19 - Modern hobbit house: a tiny cob home
Aula #20 - Converted van as full-time home for nomadic Canadian couple
Aula #21 - DIY home for less than $3500
Aula #22 - Lego-style apartment transforms into infinite spaces
Aula #23 - Teen tiny house builder Austin Hay finishes dorm on wheels
Aula #24 - Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio
Aula #25 - 16 year old builds tiny home to guarantee mortgage-free future
Aula #26 - Shotgun shack redux: mortgage-free in 320 square feet
Aula #27 - Manhattan shoebox apartment: a 78-square-foot mini studio
Aula #28 - Handbuilt teardrop trailer: 60-square-feet DIY home on wheels
Aula #29 - "Mountain man" home from scrap material on Idaho farm
Aula #30 - Abandoned hayloft now small cube home on Costa Brava estate
Aula #31 - Berkeley's backyard tiny house adds income & affordable housing
Aula #32 - Tiny home cube: bathroom + kitchen + closet for family of 3
Aula #33 - Tiny treehouse cabins suspended like birdcages near Pyrenees
Aula #34 - School bus becomes off-grid, transformable, tiny home
Aula #35 - Tiny matchbox apartment hides closet & bathtub in drawers
Aula #36 - Off-grid float cabin: retirement tiny dream home in BC wilderness
Aula #37 - Architect & carpenter craft tiny (120-sq-ft) backyard studio
Aula #38 - Mortgage-free, tiny home on a housekeeper's salary
Aula #39 - Airstream-inspired apartments as affordable tiny homes
Aula #40 - Country caravans as tiny, Bohemian shelters in rural France
Aula #41 - Cave home in Loire is charming bioclimatic troglodyte house
Aula #42 - Choosing freedom of tiny home-boat over Hollywood life
Aula #43 - Tiny, portable, prefab cube shelters in medieval French town
Aula #44 - Simple living on a narrowboat home in West End London
Aula #45 - Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay
Aula #46 - Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea
Aula #47 - Little house on a trailer: 12 feet wide is not a tiny home
Aula #48 - The human scale of tiny homes & McMansions as fad
Aula #49 - A tiny home tour: Jay Shafer's 89-square-foot home on wheels
Aula #50 - Tiny home on wheels: an illegally small home
Aula #51 - 128-sq-foot tiny house on wheels (mostly recycled, DIY)
Aula #52 - Micro-tiny homes as freedom from codes & loans
Aula #53 - Space saving furniture that transforms 1 room into 2 or 3
Aula #54 - Simple living in luxury outdoors classic: Airstream trailer tiny house
Aula #55 - Tiny open house: Jay Shafer's 120-square-foot modular wee home
Aula #56 - Transforming a tiny apartment for a growing family (kid #2)
Aula #57 - House in a suitcase: tiny home + 2 trunks of furniture
Aula #58 - Tiny home for two plus shipping container as art studio
Aula #59 - Tiny apartment for 4 (bed-under-stairs and living-room-on-roof included)
Aula #60 - Thoreau's cabin redux: Jay Shafer on tiny homes and happiness
Aula #61 - Passive solar, urban live/work, relatively small space design
Aula #62 - Liveaboard life: self-sufficient w/ solar, sails & VHF radio
Aula #63 - How to organize a tiny home
Aula #64 - A prefab, modular, marine-inspired, 12V tiny space
Aula #65 - Small spaces furniture: storage bed and indoor bike rack
Aula #66 - A truly mobile office: tiny art studio on wheels
Aula #67 - Athens tiny home grows with built-in furniture & fluid garden
Aula #68 - Remember the microstudio viral video? See Felice Cohen's new home
Aula #69 - ‪Small art studio as DIY unfolding home for family of 4‬
Aula #70 - Tiny wattle-and-daub shed from local dirt in downtown San Francisco
Aula #71 - Fibonacci tiny house reflects nature's golden ratio
Aula #72 - "Shotgun shack" family remodels tiny home for $700 DIY-style
Aula #73 - Family of 3 creates space: see-thru bathroom & transforming office
Aula #74 - Tiny mobile office handbuilt on salvaged $300 boat trailer
Aula #75 - Zen meets tiny homes: movable "paper" walls transform spaces
Aula #76 - Frodo's simple living: Hobbit Holes for tiny homes & shedworking
Aula #77 - Wowhaus: craft, tiny architecture & back-to-land home/studio
Aula #78 - Tiny House Blog founder: cabins, mortgages, downsizing trend
Aula #79 - Airline exec builds observation tower treehouse as tiny home
Aula #80 - Tiny homes: Lloyd Kahn's book on simple shelters under 500 sq ft
Aula #81 - We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters
Aula #82 - 96-square-foot tiny home handbuilt inside century-old sheep barn
Aula #83 - Local-materials treehouse built on old oak, leaves it intact
Aula #84 - DIY, recycled pallet house with IKEA-style assembly instructions
Aula #85 - Redwood salvaged from city fences as tiny shedworking studio
Aula #86 - Vehicles as housing: 27-sq-ft bike home + rowboat shelter
Aula #87 - $1800 used shipping container as architects' backyard office
Aula #88 - Skinny house in LA: affordable, minimal, modern home/office
Aula #89 - Tiny backyard pod for shedworking in Medieval English town
Aula #90 - Teardrop trailer: classic 50's mobile micro-home renaissance
Aula #91 - Nomadic tiny home: Mongolian yurt moves in 1 day, DIY-style
Aula #92 - School bus renovated as bachelor's off-grid tiny home
Aula #93 - America's 1st tiny house hotel had to be in dense Portland
Aula #94 - Family home in converted streetcars, DIY treehouse & cob huts
Aula #95 - Family grows home with CNC-milled shedworking indoor cabin
Aula #96 - House of 3 tents: affordable cabin home in California
Aula #97 - Intentionally small home: urban living in North Carolina
Aula #98 - Airstream-inspired retro RV as affordable backyard tiny home
Aula #99 - Salvaged tiny homestudio: tin can siding, paper bag wallpaper
Aula #100 - Tiny house pioneer Jay Shafer: thinking beyond trailer parks
Aula #101 - Debt/car-free tiny house couple: simple living + resilience
Aula #102 - Oregon "teens + dad" team build floating barge home-workshop
Aula #103 - Micro-homesteading in WA with 10K microhome (84 sq ft) in friends' yard
Aula #104 - Debt-free boat tiny home for family of 3 on Portland island
Aula #105 - Cosmic Marfa: vintage trailer park in West Texas artist town
Aula #106 - Westfalia campervan as minimal nomadic home in Santa Barbara
Aula #107 - Brothers build green-roofed portable office in Lake Tahoe
Aula #108 - Tiny Parisian rooftop office transforms for work & leisure
Aula #109 - Teen converts bus into off-grid $5600 photovoltaic tiny home
Aula #110 - Converted garage as income-earning small home in exurban LA
Aula #111 - Containertopia: cargo container tiny home town on Oakland lot
Aula #112 - Airstream: vintage aircraft shells as luxury homes on wheels
Aula #113 - Iowa couple pick CA landscape with tiny homeoffice on wheels
Aula #114 - Building your own Hawaii minimal house for a vacation's cost
Aula #115 - Dune Shacks: taste of Cape Cods' floating & well-aged homes
Aula #116 - From Gotham to isolated, code & debt-free West Texas estate
Aula #117 - Nevada desert modern life in renewed 66 Airstream Overlander
Aula #118 - Tiny houses' polymath: tinker, lyricist, carpenter, cartoonist
Aula #119 - Survivalist tiny dorms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin architecture school
Aula #120 - Extreme weather house boat floats in Silicon Valley backyard
Aula #121 - Tall law student, tiny house: bachelor builds dorm on wheels
Aula #122 - Austin coder builds timeless cob home using precise patterns
Aula #123 - French carpenters craft whimsical off-grid tiny house hamlet
Aula #124 - Converted chicken coop as small home for NorCal family
Aula #125 - DIY cardboard house with paper sink is off-grid in Australia
Aula #126 - Deconstructing luxury in small home + tiny cabin + treehouse
Aula #127 - Small Portland prefab home stacks space to fit family of 3
Aula #128 - Converted toolshed as uncluttered tiny home on Oregon farm
Aula #129 - Backyard teahouses for meditation, guest cottage, homeoffice
Aula #130 - Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah home
Aula #131 - Tiny home packs storage stairs, 2 lofts, tub in 136 sq ft
Aula #132 - Livework family of 3 DIY small home remodel
Aula #133 - Colorado portable tiny house + Airstream-ish portable office
Aula #134 - Shared micro living: how 2 couples could live/work in 700 sq ft
Aula #135 - Oldest US mall blends old/modern with 225-sq-ft micro lofts
Aula #136 - Life on the road: converted budget van as free camping home
Aula #137 - Japanese-inspired wood-clad (legal) tiny home in Ohio small town
Aula #138 - Simple living 101: what can be learnt from a 17th century town
Aula #139 - Yokohama narrow tiny house "breathes" & attracts local nature
Aula #140 - Norwegian wood: LEGO-assembling rural prefab cabin in 1 day
Aula #141 - $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)
Aula #142 - Transforming plywood walls add rooms & service to Geneva home
Aula #143 - Metapod backyard tiny studio delivers best of NY's urban-rural
Aula #144 - Turning Montmartre flat into adaptive space perched on Paris
Aula #145 - Kristie Wolfe builds underground home & sets rural WA hamlet
Aula #146 - Big Easy's shotgun: cross-ventilated narrow houses stay cool
Aula #147 - Kasita: tiny prefab home-as-a-service for post-land urbanism
Aula #148 - NYC's micro-modular, Minecraft-era building rises in 1 month
Aula #149 - Dollhouse Paris: a miniature home as bachelor pad in Pigalle
Aula #150 - In/Out of-the-box budget house Japan: affordable & permeable
Aula #151 - From cramped hayloft to tiny, daylit modern studio in Porto
Aula #152 - UC Davis dome dorms: free thinking & inclusion against gloom
Aula #153 - Rubik cube flat flips office, storage, dining & bedroom in SF
Aula #154 - Asturian hórreo: old granary on pillars as tiny summer cabin
Aula #155 - A Dust Bowl chicken coop became Aldo Leopold's beloved house
Aula #156 - Vocational builder designs futuristic RV after property loss
Aula #157 - Modular "Grid Beam" to redesign our context, furniture to bikes
Aula #158 - Designer builds efficient off-grid Passive House in Colorado
Aula #159 - Family adventures inspired North Sister, a high-end tiny home
Aula #160 - Couple makes garage home + campervan a consistent life combo
Aula #161 - Old silo now spaceship-esque tiny home in Berlin
Aula #162 - Side-door container 2nd life as WA's ski town outdoorsy home
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