Sustainable shelters

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Sustainable shelters

Rebecca Weitzel and Jeff Waschkowski live in a buried home in Omaha, Nebraska and while winters temperatures can hit negative 30 degrees (record lows), inside the home is affected by the temperature of the earth, not the air, and rarely drops below 55°F (13°C).

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Conteúdo programático:

Aula #1 - Underground dome house stays warm in Omaha winters
Aula #2 - Designer builds efficient off-grid Passive House in Colorado
Aula #3 - Modular "Grid Beam" to redesign our context, furniture to bikes
Aula #4 - Baubotanik shapes living tree branches into building facades
Aula #5 - $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans)
Aula #6 - Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather
Aula #7 - Simple living 101: what can be learnt from a 17th century town
Aula #8 - Lloyd Kahn on his NorCal self-reliant half-acre homestead
Aula #9 - Passive solar remodel of small Melbourne laneway home (+ rainwater capture)
Aula #10 - Passive solar glass home: feng shui in North Carolina
Aula #11 - Off-grid urban home in Sydney reuses own sewage
Aula #12 - Passive solar, urban live/work, relatively small space design
Aula #13 - Permaculture in PISE walls, a solatube and low-VOC
Aula #14 - Maison garage: old parking as tiny home in Bordeaux, France
Aula #15 - Simple living in luxury outdoors classic: Airstream trailer tiny house
Aula #16 - TrashKEA home design: trash + IKEA + design = eco-cheap chic
Aula #17 - World's greenest museum: Renzo Piano's CA Academy of Sciences
Aula #18 - Non-toxic, no-VOC paint for any wall (+ finishing plasters)
Aula #19 - Urban composting toilet: poo from loo to garden in 1 year
Aula #20 - A no-VOC earth plaster for a breathable home
Aula #21 - Natural building: a water-resistant earthen floor
Aula #22 - Natural building myths: tiny homes and green roofs
Aula #23 - An earth-built passive solar house: cob (south), strawbale (north)
Aula #24 - Natural buildings don't melt
Aula #25 - A downtown live/work dream house (roof deck for naps included)
Aula #26 - How to choose a natural building material (i.e. cob or straw or a mix)
Aula #27 - Natural building codes: some for straw bale and adobe, little for cob
Aula #28 - How to build a straw bale wall
Aula #29 - DIY home from earth and straw
Aula #30 - A return to natural building: why we will all build with straw & clay (again)
Aula #31 - 128-sq-foot tiny house on wheels (mostly recycled, DIY)
Aula #32 - DIY home for less than $3500
Aula #33 - "Mountain man" home from scrap material on Idaho farm
Aula #34 - DIY solar shower
Aula #35 - The human scale of tiny homes & McMansions as fad
Aula #36 - Green builder on the problem with eco-design and green skyscrapers
Aula #37 - Modern hobbit house: a tiny cob home
Aula #38 - A tiny home tour: Jay Shafer's 89-square-foot home on wheels
Aula #39 - Searching for density in a San Francisco exurb
Aula #40 - Vertical New Urbanism: a small town green high-rise
Aula #41 - Traditional slate rock construction in Extremadura, Spain
Aula #42 - Country lanes in urban Vancouver
Aula #43 - EcoDensity Vancouver: stacked homes and "Fonzie Suites"
Aula #44 - Waterless urinals and building integrated photovoltaics in an ecobuilding
Aula #45 - A Smart house that handles lighting and water
Aula #46 - Building a greenhouse with reused doors, windows & concrete
Aula #47 - Recycled Construction: building with straw bale, recycled bottles & urbanite
Aula #48 - Permaculture: a home that supplies water
Aula #49 - Permaculture: a home that creates energy
Aula #50 - Permaculture: ecodesign and a return of the bees
Aula #51 - Permaculture house: passive solar as AC
Aula #52 - A mudbrick home built with help from family and friends
Aula #53 - Seattle's New Urbanism community with pocket parks & shared backyards
Aula #54 - A green realtor on becoming an ecobroker and his own eco-home
Aula #55 - How to build a green bakery
Aula #56 - Geoexchange: AC and heat from earth under conventional home
Aula #57 - Why to use cork for your floor
Aula #58 - An urban composting toilet & humanure for the garden
Aula #59 - Living small: when home is a 150-square-foot RV
Aula #60 - A brewery that uses wind, solar, heat exchange and compression
Aula #61 - Air Trees: energy-producing metal trees in Madrid
Aula #62 - Tiny, portable, prefab cube shelters in medieval French town
Aula #63 - Tiny Origami apartment in Manhattan unfolds into 4 rooms
Aula #64 - Micro-tiny homes as freedom from codes & loans
Aula #65 - 16 year old builds tiny home to guarantee mortgage-free future
Aula #66 - Cave home in Loire is charming bioclimatic troglodyte house
Aula #67 - $1800 used shipping container as architects' backyard office
Aula #68 - Upscale Bay Area home made from salvaged car roofs & windows
Aula #69 - DIY treehouse inventor creates Ewok world in rural Oregon
Aula #70 - World's largest treehouse? 7 trees support 1800 sq ft home
Aula #71 - Abandoned stable becomes off-grid, luxurious family dream home
Aula #72 - Vehicles as housing: 27-sq-ft bike home + rowboat shelter
Aula #73 - Redwood salvaged from city fences as tiny shedworking studio
Aula #74 - Airstream-inspired apartments as affordable tiny homes
Aula #75 - DIY, recycled pallet house with IKEA-style assembly instructions
Aula #76 - Local-materials treehouse built on old oak, leaves it intact
Aula #77 - Norcal veteran coder customizes off-grid home with sensors
Aula #78 - Containertopia: cargo container tiny home town on Oakland lot
Aula #79 - Architect's simple dream home in AZ's saguaro cactus forest
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